Chinese Noodles originated in the Han dynasty, which has more than 4,000 years of history. There are many stories about the origin of Noodles. Noodles Soup also reflects the cultural traditions and customs of China. There are a lot of types of Noodles in China.
Noodle soup is a common and popular dish across East and Southeast Asia.
There are many varieties of noodles but Chinese Noodle Soup is one of the best and famous dishes.
In Southeast Asia, soap noodles are mainly made from palm oil and blended with either coconut oil or palm oil.
In China, soap noodles are made from animal fats, palm oil or a blend of both.
Some Chinese style noodles are made from ingredients such as rice flour,potato flour,buckwheat,cornflour, bean yam or soybean flour. Noodles are strips or strands cut from a sheet of dough made from flour, water , and either common salt or a mixture of alkaline salts.
The Chinese Noodle Soup is a versatile recipe; the use of fresh ingredients makes it so much healthier than immediate noodles soups that are made with unhealthy ingredients. The Asian flavors of the soy sauce and oyster sauce give it a rich original taste. The smell of Chinese Noodles Soup can be described as impressive and good.
A Noodle soup quality is determined by its flavor, appearance and texture. A good soup should be full-flavored like Chinese Noodle Soup. The vegetables in the soup should be brightly colored, not gray. ingredients added to enhance the soup’s appearance and flavor should be attractive and uniform in size. The Chinese Noodles Soup texture should be accurate.

Recipe of Chinese Soup Noodles

Brown sugar                            As per requirement
Fish sauce                                       1tsp 
Vinegar                                            2 tsp
Ginger                                           1-2 inches
boneless chicken breasts      2-3 (Large size)
Salt                                                    As per requirement
White pepper                                  1Tsp
Sesame & Vegetable oil               1Tsp
Spring Onions                                    3
Water                                                5 cups
Chicken Bullions                         2-3 cubes
Chinese spinach                          3-4 cups
Any Chinese Noodles                 1 packet
Garlic cloves                                 3-4 cloves
Chinese cooking wine                  1tsp
Chicken broth                                 2cup

       Preparation Method

v Step 1 – Heat the sesame oil in a large pot over medium heat, add the onion garlic and ginger; cover and cook, until softened approximately 3-4 minutes.
v Step 2- Add 5 cups water chicken breast, salt, vinegar, chinese cooking wine, fish sauce. increase the heat to medium- high;cover and bring to a simmer.cook and covered until the chicken is just cooked through just 7 minutes Remove the chicken to a plate; let cool slightly, then shred.
v Step 3-than add the Noodles and white pepper and cook 3-5 minutes until Noodles are just tender then add the spinach and shredded chicken and enjoy the delicious Chinese noodle Soup.

Nutrition facts

Calories from fat  189
%Daily Value*
Saturated fat  9g
cholesterol  14mg
Sodium  3685 mg
 Potassium  728 mg
Total carbohydrates   81g
Dietary fibre  2g
Sugars 9g

Protein 22g  
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
nt daily values are based on a 2000 calorie die 
Declaration of Allergens
A food allergy is an abnormal response to a food that is triggered by the immune system. The body produces antibodies against the food allergen protein and when it is eaten by the food allergen protein and when is eaten by the food allergic individual their body will release histamine and other chemicals causing inflammation for example, wheat,soysauce fish , etc ,allergy cause small bowel damage. Therefore read carefully all the instructions on food packets. This allergence must be identified in simple language.

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