Do you love sushi so much that you wish you can make it at home? However, you are not sure if you know how to make sushi? Today is your lucky day! In this article, you can find easy and healthy sushi recipes that you can make at home! These healthy sushi recipes are delicious! You can satisfy your cravings for sushi with these healthy sushi recipes that you can whip up in minutes. These sushi recipes are great options for a healthy snack or a healthy meal idea. You can be as creative as you want with the healthy sushi recipe.
Sushi is already considered one of the healthiest choices of food, but there are always ways to make it even healthier. In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of calories sushi rolls have. But, we are here to talk about healthy recipes, so here are few tricks to having healthy sushi:
1.    Less is more: Fewer toppings, fancy sauces, fried ingredients, and mayonnaise the healthier the sushi is! The extra toppings and ingredients can easily increase the calorie count!
2.    Make your own sushi: Making your own sushi means you know what you are putting in the sushi and you can choose the healthiest options. This is why you should definitely read this article about healthy sushi recipes! In addition, this article includes simple to follow instructions on how to make sushi.
So let’s take a look at a few healthy sushi recipes! Don’t worry all of the healthy sushi recipes below are easy!
Recipe 1: Temaki

One healthy sushi recipe is to make the sushi without any rice. This way there is no carbs but just protein and fiber from the fish and vegetables. This is a great healthy snack option too, because you quickly make it without worry about not having cooked rice. This type of sushi is also known as the Temaki sushi roll, or handmade sushi roll oftentimes doesn’t have any rice in it. It is just a sheet of seaweed (nori) wrapped around vegetables and fish or shrimp. It is very easy to make.
Let’s get started with this healthy sushi recipe!
Ingredients (for 2 temaki sushi):
·       2 sheets of nori
·       1 cucumber cut in long strips
·       1 sliced avocado
·       4 oz. of cooked and shelled shrimps
1.    Place the nori on a bamboo rolling mat or just in your hands with the smooth and shiny side down.
2.    Place the cucumber strips, sliced avocado and peeled shrimps on the nori
3.    Roll up the nori and you are done!
4.    Repeat step 1 to 3 again to make more sushi rolls
This is the easiest healthy sushi recipe! Three steps and you are done. You can get a ton of protein from the shrimps and healthy fat from the avocado. It is great and can be done within minutes! This healthy sushi recipe can be altered to include all kinds of ingredients. You can easily replace the shrimp with fried vegan egg options or fried tofu, and boom, this is a vegan recipe! Based on how easy it was to make this sushi, it a great healthy snack choice. Yay for healthy sushi recipe and temaki!
Recipe 2: vegan

For those of you that are vegan or want a vegan recipe, don’t worry! I got your back because here is a vegan healthy sushi recipe. This healthy sushi recipe is also very easy and can be a great healthy meal option! Likewise, if you are not vegan, all you have to do is add in your favorite fish and it will be amazing.
·       2 sheets of nori
·       1 cup of cooked brown rice
·       1 cucumber cut in long strips
·       1 sliced avocado
·       Nori Furikake
Vegan Sushi!
1.    Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the bamboo rolling mat
2.    Place 1 sheet of nori with the smooth and shiny side down on the bamboo rolling mat.
3.    Cover the nori with cooked brown rice and then flip the nori with rice facing down and nori up
4.    Place a few sliced avocado and cucumber in the center
5.    Roll up the healthy sushi with the brown rice on the outside. Remember to put pressure on the roll while rolling
6.    Once rolled, unwrap the plastic wrap and sprinkle nori furikake over the rice and you are done!
This is a very simple and healthy sushi recipe. The sushi roll is delicious and flavorful due to the nori furikake. You can get a ton of fiber and vitamins and minerals from the brown rice and the fulling sensation with avocado. It is simple and delicious. You can easily spice up this healthy sushi recipe with more of your favorite ingredients like some smoky portobello mushroom or steamed sweet potato. There are unlimited options that you can add to this healthy sushi recipe
The two healthy sushi recipes are great options for all occasions, whether it is for a party or just having a sushi craving. For those of you that are interested in making sushi at home, you should definitely try these healthy sushi recipes! The two healthy sushi recipes above can be easily altered to your personal preference. One only has 3 steps! If you are interested in any other healthy sushi recipes, such as vegan sushi recipe or brown rice sushi, please check out the different articles!

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